About MC2 Associates
MC2 Associates is a consulting company that specializes in assisting emerging companies in developing and maintaining their administrative infrastructures. By delegating such responsibilities, our client companies are able to concentrate on their businesses and what they do best. They are not distracted by non-strategic but essential functions until they are ready to build the necessary infrastructure.

By utilizing the MC2 Associates team, our client companies receive expertise across the full range of infrastructure areas from one unified team. The key to our approach is flexibility. Client companies utilize only those services necessary to them at any particular time. Drawing on many years of experience, we tailor our approach to ensure that critical issues are identified and addressed on a timely basis for all of our clients' business needs.

MC2 Associates provides an experienced team to implement and manage key areas of our client companies' administrative infrastructure such as:

  • Accounting, Financial Reporting and Controls
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Facilities Management

Working with MC2 Associates
MC2 Associates partners with its clients to create the foundation for a successful business. In this partnership, we advise and assist our clients in establishing an appropriate operational infrastructure quickly and efficiently, the kind of infrastructure that most start-ups and emerging companies lack due to insufficient time, experience, or expertise. By putting this infrastructure in place quickly, we enable the management teams of our clients to focus their time and resources on the key strategic issues, creating value and differentiation. With our comprehensive approach, we bring a high level of specialized expertise in each critical infrastructure area, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings for a company that would otherwise incur costly overhead expenses during this important growth phase. After working with clients to establish the infrastructure, we continue to maintain and manage the operational foundation. As our client companies grow and mature, we work together with them to transition these responsibilities to employees within their company. Our ultimate goal is to see our client companies' growth and success.

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For further information and inquiries: info@mc2-associates.com